At age 12

As a big fan of Philippe de Dieuleveult, I dream of being an helicopter pilot and traveling the planet with a camera.


At age 20

I joined alpine hunters while continuing my training as a pilot with Michel Anglade, the greatest helicopter pilot and friend of Philippe, the idol of my childhood.


At age 33

My dream comes true and with Caroline, begins a career of aerial photographer. Our aerial adventures will take us to the four corners of the planet to reveal the beauties for more than 10 years. We were lucky to have the confidence of prestigious magazines, including Geo.



After 33 books of aerial photography, we have changed direction to return to our first love and wildlife photography in order to participate to conservation of endangered species.

A sentence ! From Mr. Latécoere, founder of the air mail service:
"I redid all the calculations, our idea is unachievable ... we only have one thing left to do ... to realize it"






After 10 years in the US and a mini-career as a macro economist at the World Bank in Washington DC, I leave the statistics behind, pack my bags and join Frank in all his travels.


We adventure in aerial photoshoots .
My forte: finding a flying machine in the middle of nowhere, an adventurer pilot, gas, food… On board, I assist the pilot with aerial navigation. On the ground, I make backstage videos of our adventures. Filmmaking and editing will become my passion.


We quit aerial photography and go wildlife. Another dream comes true: A chance to travel around the world and encounter wild animals especially endangered species. Through our photos and films, we hope to capture the beauty of these fascinating creatures and raise awareness on wildlife conservation.


About our limited Art prints

About our limited Art prints

Frank Mulliez's photographies are limited to 30 prints each.

Prints are delivered with an authenticity certificate.

Photographies are printed by a lab in Bruxelles on fine art paper.

Frames are hand made, of the highest quality, with anti-reflection glass.

The greatest care is taken to highlight the photographies.




For each fine art print we sell, we channel a percentage of the profit to small sized-associations (with low overheads) which participate locally to have a direct or indirect positive impact on endangered species conservation.

The benefited from our support :

NON NOBIS (Guinea)
SIG FOX Foundation (Rhinos Conservation Program)


We organize conferences showing our photographies and backstage films to raise awareness on wildlife preservation amongst children and grown ups.